a piece of paradise in the bronx

One of my favorite discoveries is The New York Botanical Garden. The garden is extensive and ranges from paved to dirt paths, making it a popular spot for joggers, photographers, and Fordham University students like myself (As an added bonus, we get free admission!). I usually just wander around the grounds with a friend, almost always getting lost, but never really minding since it is so beautiful.


The Botanical Garden is also a great place to look for wildlife. Aside from the hundreds of varieties of trees and plants growing, there is an incredible amount of squirrels, chipmunks, ducks, geese, and other birds. One of my favorite places to take a walk is the waterfall trail, and there are always ducks milling about in the river.



The greenhouse, which offers several shows throughout the year, currently has an orchid show that I’ve heard wonderful things about. It’s amazing to me that such a huge piece of nature has been left untouched in the Bronx, a less popular area for tourists, but I am eternally grateful that the garden is so easily accessible to me.




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