about my relationship

When I began writing this blog, I had a lot of intentions. I am a writer at heart, and with a full class schedule and endless homework, I often forget to take time to write creatively and expressively. I have loved New York for my whole life, taking weekend trips to the city with my family when I was younger, and dragging my mom on tours at (what felt like) every college in the five boroughs. 

I created New York is My Boyfriend to combine my passion for writing with my endless love for this beautiful city. I give thanks everyday that I have the opportunity to get an incredible education in a city that gives me enormous happiness. My resolution this year was to focus on finding inner joy and acceptance. Like almost any other young adult female, I spend way too much time getting dressed, putting on make up, and trying to find the perfect guy. Instead, I have resolved to focus more on schoolwork, make more time for things I love, maintain friendships, and become the best person I can.

With a lot of inspiration from my old friend Carrie Bradshaw, I decided that the best way for me to find happiness was to fully embrace my love affair with New York. In my favorite episode, she remarks that “New York is the perfect place to be single. The city is your date….18 years, it’s getting serious. I think I’m in love.” 




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