beachy keen

This past weekend, I made the trip to Rockaway Park, Queens with some friends. It took a while to get there on the subway, but when we stepped off the train I no longer felt like I was in New York City. There were lots of little shops and places to eat (we had amazing pizza), and the smell of the sea was refreshing–Manhattan isnโ€™t the loveliest smelling place in the summertime.ย 


We went to Fort Tilden, a beachfront state park near Breezy Point, since some friends were playing in a rugby tournament. We missed the game, but had great company to enjoy the sand and sunshine. The beach was absolutely beautiful and clean, though it was a little too breezy to go swimming.


Places like these are why I absolutely love New York. The city has so many wonderful spots, and itโ€™s just amazing to me that such a beautiful beach can be found in the city. As someone who grew up down the street from the ocean, New York can feel claustrophobic at times. Of course I love the hustle and bustle of city life, but every once in a while its wonderful to go someplace where I can breathe.



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