texting games

I was just disappointed that the last text message I received was from a boy who I used to like, instead of my lab partner with information regarding our test tomorrow.

Silly as it sounds, the disappointment I felt quickly turned into a feeling of fiery independence, opening my eyes to the fact that I truly am more concerned with and interested in succeeding academically and making myself proud than trying to keep a guy’s interest.

Texting is a funny thing. As someone who grew up reading “Anne of Green Gables” and watching old Audrey Hepburn films, I always thought that when a guy liked you, he would call, come to your front door to take you on a date, with no thought or expectation of sex whatsoever.


Unfortunately, I have been fortunate enough to experience this kind of formality only a handful of times, since in the modern world, everything is much more casual. I have come to know that a “hey” text at 2am translates to “I want to hook up” at least 99% of the time, that “hanging out” or “watching Netflix” when suggested by a male between the ages of 17-27 never actually involves Netflix.

My conclusion is that it is becoming increasingly impossible to be a hopeless romantic in 2014. You know what? I would love to hang out with someone I like and watch a movie on Netflix and eat popcorn, but that’s probably not gonna happen, at least while I’m in college. In the meantime, I have a lot of studying to do .


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