“You can’t enjoy your pumpkin spice latte if you’re too busy Instagramming it, you know?” My friend Danielle said it best regarding the popular #PSL that yields nearly 300,000 posts on social media app Instagram.

In 2014, one of the most iconic indicators of fall is Starbucks signature beverage, the limited edition pumpkin spice latte that arrives nationwide for one season only. My sister remarked that the trendy PSL is popular because of the novelty and status that comes with it, rather than people’s desire for a traditional fall experience.

I, without shame, admit I am a fan of the pumpkin spice latte. That being said, I have one PSL every fall, enjoy it, occasionally Instagram it, and then return to my usual Starbucks order (grande vanilla blonde roast with soy). The thing is, I love fall. It is my favorite season other than summer, and I feel that the fall season has officially arrived when fashion week debuts in NYC and the token PSL becomes available to all.


P.S. My #PSL got 62 likes on instagram

Pumpkin really isn’t an appetizing food item. Pumpkins are what we carved as children on Halloween, scooping out the stringy insides and roasting the seeds. We buy cans of pumpkin to bake pies on Thanksgiving. So, I’m wondering who’s idea it was to mix pumpkin and coffee?

I guess the point is that when we order our PSLs, we don’t want pumpkin coffee. We want fall coffee. Something warm and cozy and familiar that smells like my mom’s pie-filled house on Thanksgiving eve. So regardless of where you find yourself this November, you can buy fall in a coffee cup for just $5.


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