In three days, I am off to Amsterdam for what promises to be an exciting semester abroad. I have literally been waiting my entire life for this experience, and I’m still in denial that it’s happening.

“Ohh…why Amsterdam?” is the most common question I have been asked about my decision to study in this beautiful city. People seem to associate Amsterdam with negative dramatizations of legal prostitution and heavy marijuana use. Yet I chose to study at the University of Amsterdam for the chance to live in a unique city rich in culture and history. Additionally, the language barrier will be minimal since English is almost as widely spoken as Dutch, and proximity to the rest of Europe is ideal.

Until I actually arrive in Europe, my most pressing challenges include packing four months of clothing and shoes into one suitcase and making it through airport security. Updates to come.

So for now, New York and I are taking a mutual relationship break while I explore new frontiers.


P.S. Check out my inflight playlist, “NYCxAMS” on Spotify.


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