My new slaapzaal, or dorm room, is an amazing place. Earlier, I mentioned briefly how different my new living quarters are from the American dormitories I became used to in New York. I live in a sort of apartment complex that surrounds a cobblestone courtyard, which is filled almost completely with bicycles. I share a modest two bedroom flat with one other girl, but have an incredibly spacious bedroom to myself.


I get to buzz people in!


Better yet, the whole place came furnished with all of the necessities, so I didn’t have to make a panicked trip to Ikea. Since I’m going to be living here for four months, I have been trying to think of cheap and easy decorating ideas. This is an especially difficult task since we’re not allowed to damage the walls in any way–no hooks or tacks. I bought fresh flowers and fruit, and was unsuccessful in taping a poster to one of my walls due to the popcorn paint job.

the Dutch LOVE orange

the Dutch LOVE orange 

The best part about my dorm by far is its location. A 15-minute walk to Centraal Station, a ten-minute walk to the grocery store, and (hopefully) a five minute bike ride to class. Having lived in New York for the past three years, I know that location means everything. I love being in the middle of all the excitement, and I am so fortunate to live in the heart of Amsterdam. As soon as I buy a bicycle everything will seem even closer!

IMG_2834 IMG_2833


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