london falling

This past weekend, I left Amsterdam for London. Studying abroad in Europe offers endless travel opportunities around the continent, so I got a cheap plane ticket and free accommodation via a friend’s dorm room floor.┬áIt was my first time in the UK, and probably wouldn’t have gone if I didn’t have several friends studying in London this semester. I’m always up for an adventure, but London was not good to me.


the grounds of highclere castle {downton abbey}

The first night there, my purse was stolen. Sure, I was a few (legal) drinks in, but I have never been robbed–quite a feat, since I’ve lived in the Bronx for almost three years. My credit cards, cash, iPhone, and license were all gone in an instant. The next morning I tried to stay cool, calm, and collected while I ordered replacement cards and figured out how to get new phone, but internally, I was beside myself. My friends were great about lending me cash for the rest of the weekend, and I was still able to see almost everything I wanted.


camden market

One of my ideas for my semester abroad was to use a disposable camera in every country I visit. I brought one to London and had just begun using it that evening, and it was lost with my stolen handbag. Earlier in the day I had been taking pictures mostly on my phone, which were all lost as well (I REALLY need to start backing up my phone). Credit cards and phones are replaceable, but unfortunately all of those pictures are not. I will exclusively be using my fanny pack for the rest of my European adventures, and I’ll be happy if I never return to London.11018195_10153128717893685_8478069690554015241_n


one of the best things we did in London: cream tea at Sketch


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