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the most wonderful/terrible time of the year

Christmas in NYC is unlike anywhere else. The fluorescent city gets even more illuminated with department store decorations and sparkling pine trees in every office building. Now that’s officially December, final exams are approaching (a little too quickly, for my liking), and I’m getting excited for winter break (hello, Cancun).


This is a stressful time of year for everyone, especially students. On top of brainstorming creative gift ideas for friends and family, we’re cramming for exams and churning out term papers. I have never been a fan of midterms and finals because I don’t feel like they’re a good assessment of knowledge. It’s hard to stay calm when such a large portion of your grade rests on a single test.

I’ve been doing great in 3/4 of my courses this semester. I am finishing up the endless core curriculum required by my university, taking a biological anthropology course for a science requirement. It’s been brutal, so I am really focusing on just passing this class. As I’ve been interning at a publication and getting a sense of the field I’ll be working in once I graduate, courses like these seem even more meaningless and I just can’t find the energy to care all that much.

Overall, this has been one of the best semesters of my college experience…not that anything will ever top studying abroad. I love my internship, am genuinely interested in most of my courses, and have a great job lined up for next semester. And I have a beautiful city to ease the pain that comes with finals.

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