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stages of studying for finals: senior year

If you didn’t see my earlier post about how different senior year is from freshman year, you should know that I am REALLY feeling the senioritis right now.

  1. The fact that you should have started studying over Thanksgiving “break.” Ok. It’s a glorified long weekend, and I was too busy eating mashed potatoes.


2. Denial. Yeah, I’m gonna spend two hours at the gym! Clean my whole apartment! Bake 17 cakes!! I will literally do anything EXCEPT study.


3. Finally opening the study guide, and realizing how far behind you actually are. TGod for coffee, am I right?


4. Commence deep breaths. Like that’s gonna help.


5. Start calculating what grade you need on the final exam to pass the class. Getting a C starts sounding pretty ideal at this point.


6. Realizing that you’re basically an adult, this sh*t is beneath you, and it will be all over before you know it.



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