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new year, same me

On paper, I should love New Year’s Eve. Champagne, sparkly dresses, staying up late? Check, check, and check. But I think I’m too nostalgic of a person to genuinely enjoy the coming of another year. Until this year, it would make me sad to look back and realize how little things have changed. Maybe that’s why this is a major drinking holiday

This year I feel a little differently. 2015 has been the happiest year of my life overall, and I hope the pattern continues into 2016. In 2015, I spent a semester abroad in the most beautiful city, visited eight countries, landed the internship of my dreams, and began focusing more on making myself happy (my ’15 resolution).


Many of my NYE resolutions in the past had been about finding love and being in a relationship, along with the generic ones like losing five pounds, stop spending so much money, etc. So last year, I decided to focus on being my happiest self, and eliminate anything that I deemed toxic and unhealthy.

Moving to Europe for four months was a start, and getting back on track with my Communications major was a great next step. I became more independent and stopped being afraid to do things by myself. I applied for dozens of internships until I got the perfect one, and as a result countless doors have opened for me. As 2016 quickly approaches, my only resolution is to keep doing me.


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