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resolutions for all

Sorry for the multiple posts about the new year, but I started thinking about resolutions everyone can make to have a happier 2016.

1. Drink more champagne.

As corny as it sounds, everyday is cause for celebration. Salut!


2. Smile more.

This is directed at myself since I suffer from resting bitch face, but I don’t think smiling is a bad thing for anybody.

kim k.gif

3. Meditate.

Not saying you should become a yogi and change your lifestyle, but carving out just five minutes a day for self-reflection is a great way to decompress.

4. Mail a letter to somebody.

Handwritten notes are the epitome of class, and receiving cards and letters the old fashioned way makes me so happy. Penning a heartfelt note to someone you love will force you to sit down and write with intention.


5. Be creative.

I’m obsessed with coloring books for grown ups, but if that’s not your thing, try a different editing app for your ‘gram photos, dust off your keyboard, or try cooking a new dish.

Here’s to 2016!

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