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stages of winter break

1. Overwhelming joy

Finals are over! Christmas presents! Home cooked meals! No homework! Did I mention that exams are over?

andy dwyer

2. Sleep

Time to catch up on all the sleep you lost pulling those all-nighters studying partying. Hello, 1pm wake ups.


3. Coziness

Home is just cozy. Idk if it’s daily hugs from my mom or snuggling up with Netflix.


4. Boredom

Once you go to lunch with your friends, hit the mall, and take down the Christmas decorations, there’s not much to do.


5. More boredom…

Yep. This is why I went to school in NYC.

6. Mixed feelings

Wanting to go back to school but not wanting the work & stress that comes with a new semester.

amy poehler

7. Excitement

Somehow, you forget about how much work school is, and just wanna be back on campus. Cheers to senior year!

broad city

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