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fomo no mo’

Anyone who has been in a room with me for longer than fifteen minutes probably knows that I suffer from FOMO. If you didn’t know, this acronym stands for “fear of missing out.” I’m afraid of missing out on a lot of things, whether it’s not getting to try a limited edition Starbucks drink, or finding out about an awesome concert a day too late.

In my daily life, I consistently check social media throughout the day so I don’t miss anything important (read: waiting on Kim K’s first Instagram of baby Saint), and always know what my friends are up to via Snapchat and Twitter. So, yes…I love social media and prefer to call myself an enthusiast rather than an addict.

One of my favorite ways to keep up to date on cool happenings in NYC is a website called The Skint. They send a roundup almost daily of cheap and free goings on in all five boroughs, whether it’s a wine tasting or a university lecture open to the public. This is such an easy way to simultaneously stay in the know and prevent FOMO.


Another way is to use Twitter for something besides complaining about your job is to follow celebs, brands, and venues to get the latest info on events. This year, I won two contests using Twitter because I was already following two of my favorite brands. And hashtags are for more than getting likes on Instagram…searching key words on Twitter will give you local results on the latest happenings in your neighborhood.

Some other great ways to help you stay up to date are this mailing list (NYC only) and this ticketing website. How do you avoid FOMO? I’d love your advice!


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