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why winter is the worst

If you haven’t heard, a blizzard has arrived in NYC, bringing this winter’s first snow. I am a well-known hater of winter and everything that comes with it–so I made a list to entertain myself while holed up in my apartment.

1. Puffy jackets.

These don’t look good on ANYONE. No matter how cute your outfit is underneath, all that hot guy on the train is gonna see is a waddling puff ball.

xmas story.gif

2. Hats

I’m eagerly awaiting the day I look cute in a hat. (My beloved Primark beanie is the exception.)

3. Skiiers

As someone who never learned to ski, this sport goes way over my head. Like, why are people so into it? Why would you voluntarily be simultaneously sweaty and freezing? Catch me at the ski club bar, mimosa and poutine in hand.


4. Iced coffee

I am a proud, year-round consumer of iced coffee, but drinking it in the winter is the WORST because the cup makes my hands cold. And people stare at you like you have three heads.

iced coffee.gif

5. Mornings

For someone who has never been (and never will be) a morning person, waking up when it’s dark & cold is downright depressing. And the journey from your warm bed to the hot shower has never felt longer.

What are some of the ways you deal with winter in the Northeast?

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2 thoughts on “why winter is the worst

  1. I totally agree with all of your points. I don’t let winter ruin my year round coffee drinking though! I get a Styrofoam cup to put on the outside of my iced cup 🙂 the trick is great for summer too, keeps iced coffee cold longer.


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