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congrad-ulations, your future is still uncertain

Midterms are approaching, and I still feel like this semester hasn’t even started. I only have class two days a week, and am taking just three courses, so the majority of my non-free time is no longer spent in a classroom. Instead, it’s spent in an office. I’m super grateful to have the opportunity to intern at a popular publication, but it’s definitely made me feel that my college experience has ended a little early.

Going to a university in a major city is an unconventional college choice to begin with. While Fordham’s campus has all the perks of a quintessentially beautiful, ivy-covered college, and even a couple of nearby student-only bars, the past four years have not been a conventional college experience. I am in no way sad about this: I intentionally chose a school that didn’t have Greek life, stadium-sized lecture halls, or a small-town location. Instead, I have multiple semesters of professional experience, close relationships with faculty members, and a total adjustment to living and navigating NYC. (And I had a pretty great time while doing it.)


Since it’s my last semester, I’ve started hunting for full time jobs, realizing that in just a few months, I’ll have to make another huge decision. Do I stay in New York? Should I take a job I’m passionate about, even though the salary is lower? Should I move in with my parents and save money? If you feel this way too, I’m sorry, because I literally have no advice to give you. I was low-key hoping that my blog would have been paying my bills by now, but I guess I’ll have to hold out a little longer.


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