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pin-spiration: pretty passages

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I quite frequently post cute quotes and funny text posts. Pinterest is a great place to find these sweet sayings, so this week I’m sharing some of my favorites for installment no.3 of my “pin-spiration” series.

1. Julia Child’s eternally relevant proverb…because people who like to eat are always the best people. (And the ones who drink wine).


2. You should have been expecting it…my “words” board is full of travel quotes. It’s so bittersweet to look back at posts from a year ago, when I was running around all over Europe.


3. Have to give a shout out to Carrie Bradshaw, who is a major inspiration for this entire blog. And gotta say thanks for validating my online shopping addiction.987d1d414ec6f852fcd675135a64086e.jpg

4. Mindy Kaling is such an inspiration to me. This quote perfectly represents everything I hope is true about her, and I try to hard to be this kind of girl.


5. My fifth grade teacher shared this with us in a lesson about gratitude. Every time I stumble upon it, whether on Facebook or Pinterest, I remember sitting cross-legged in my Montessori classroom, and the message becomes more powerful.


Need more inspo? Check out new york is my boyfriend on Tumblr & Instagram.


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