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pin-spiration: phone wallpaper

For this week’s pin-spiration post, I thought I would give something to my lovely readers! So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite patterns & pictures from Pinterest that make amazing phone wallpapers (I’ve had almost all of these as my background at one point or another).

1. This peachy pineapple print will transport you to Palm Beach (or whatever tropical place you dream about in your cubicle).26e7ad098c9e28e78f97058fbbd41c4c

2. Alternating pastel & gold stripes that are perfect for springtime. And is it just me or would this pattern make a perfect Easter brunch tablecloth?


3. This Great Gatsby-inspired art deco mosaic.


4. Pop-art figs to satisfy your inner foodie. Even if you’ve never eaten a fresh fig, these illustrations are super juicy.


5. This bold giraffe-print is perfect for anyone who loves bright colors & shops at J.Crew.


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