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phases of a tinder date

Lately, dating has felt like a necessary evil. It’s a constant battle of not wanting to be alone forever, but also not wanting to be in awkward dinner-date situations. I’ve talked about Tinder before…but here are some thoughts I always have before going on (almost) any date!

1. The preparation. What if you’re not as hot IRL as you are in your pics?! Better put on extra mascara. And that push-up bra.


2. The nerves. What if he doesn’t think you’re hot? What if you get catfished? What if he’s mega-creepy? Not trying to have a phone call with Nev tomorrow morning.


3. The second-guessing. This is legit so weird. There wasn’t a Sex & the City episode to prepare you for this one. Maybe you should just brush your teeth and call it a night.


4. The drinking. After pouring a glass of chard to calm your nerves, you’re feeling like a million bucks. Let’s do this. Who knows–he could be the love of your life!


5. The meet-up. Do you wait inside the bar or on the street corner? Who’s name are the reservations under? Should you call him or just frantically text until you can ID him? Do you shake hands? Hug? Double cheek kiss? HELP.


6. The conversation. Oh, he has a big family? Like you didn’t spend an hour creeping on his Instagram and already know he has four siblings & a beach house on Fire Island.


7. The good-bye. To kiss or not to kiss? Heading home and eating Doritos sounds pretty good right about now.


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