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pin-spiration: NYC

There are so many gorgeous NYC photos on Pinterest! I always pin them as a sort of bucket list of things to do…and then forget to do them. I’m forever on the hunt for amazing views, and the skyline never fails to make me weak at the knees. Enjoy some of my favorite images!

1. Drinks with a view. When the weather gets a little warmer, I’ll definitely be indulging in rooftop drinks at the Met.


2. Puddle reflections. A reminder to take a moment and look up & down.


3. Central Park views. Vistas like this still make my heart skip a beat…talk about prime real estate.


4. Welcome to New York. Every time I fly in to or out of the city, I pray a view like this will happen. I book a window seat every time, and have never gotten lucky.


5. The real city of light. Love this golden shot from the space station.


All photos from Pinterest.


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