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why kris jenner is all of us

I’m a big fan of the Kardashian clan. It’s mostly fascination–I’m constantly awestruck by the insane amount of money they have, the press’s constant invasion of their personal lives, and (of course) their beauty. Khloe’s butt = alllllll my squat goals. But out of the whole family, Kris is my favorite. She is totally and completely insane in the best way possible. #DrunkAllDay.

1. When she had to prove how cool she was.


2. When she understood your FOMO better than anybody.


3. When she had to sit in traffic–just like you. (OK, she was in a Bentley).

road rage

4. When she tried to take the great outdoors.


5. When she was on a diet but still trying to get wasted.


6. When she was a total stage mom.


7. When she had a chance to show off her hidden talent.


All gifs from giphy.


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