8 things millennials celebrate

Going to the library instead of just using the Internet to write a paper, texting thank-you notes instead of handwriting them, and spending $5 on a latte everyday instead of making your own coffee are typical millennial behaviors. So when you actually stop being lazy, you gotta celebrate…even the smallest things are victories for my lazy AF generation.

1. Going to the gym.

amy schumer

2. Not opening a tab at the bar (or just remembering to close your tab).

bar tab

3. Packing a lunch for work. #FrugalAF


4. Not taking an uber home.


5. Doing laundry.


6. Making dinner instead of ordering seamless.

kardashian pizza

7. Taking your make-up off before bed.


8. Wearing pants with a zipper.


What’s your favorite chore to celebrate?


3 thoughts on “8 things millennials celebrate

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