I am always so flattered by your feedback & comments! Here are answers to some questions I’ve been asked recently.

I’m visiting NYC. What should I do?

New York is a wonderful walking city–the grid layout makes it difficult to get lost, and it’s super easy to navigate. One of the best way to get a feel for the different neighborhoods is just to stroll around Manhattan and enjoy the sights. Some of my NYC favorites include Smorgasburg & Brooklyn Flea, the Roosevelt Island tram, and strolls through Central Park. Window shop at Bloomingdale’s and Bergdorf Goodman, hop over to Levain Bakery for the best chocolate chip cookie of your life, and head to Le Bain for drinks with a view.

What advice do you have for new bloggers?

I think branding yourself & consistently posting quality content are the two most important things. I’ve been working really hard to turn “new york is my boyfriend” into a brand, and make sure to post regularly on my site as well as my Instagram.

Why did you start new york is my boyfriend?

I started this blog my sophomore year in college as a way to express myself & my relationship with the city I love so much. I began blogging in high school, and transitioned into this blog because I wanted to create a unique, personal brand.

Do you have a boyfriend?

I’m happily single…and forever flirting with NYC 😉