pin-spiration: dreamy bedrooms

My bedroom is important to me. I never shared a room until I went to college, and couldn’t wait to go back to having my own space when I graduated. I chose the Brooklyn apartment I lived in last summer because the bedroom was enormous, sunny, and under budget, and my current place because even though the bedroom is teeny tiny, there’s a large window and built-in shelving.

As a freelance writer, I do a lot of work from home. And since I also work 40 hours a week in an office, I don’t feel like I actually spend that much time in my room–so I value cozy mornings alone, powering through work on my bedroom floor. All this being said, I definitely am still dreaming about my perfect bedroom. Here’s some inspo c/o Pinterest.

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pin-spration: wedding decor

If you follow me on Pinterest, it’s no secret that I’ve been planning my wedding since 2009 (like every other basic bitch, let’s be real). My “i do” board is literally my pride and joy–it’s full of everything from pretty place settings to engagement rings I’ll only get if a billionaire falls in love with me. I always say that I want my wedding to be the party of the year…plenty of confetti, lots of champagne, and rustic details that will make it Anthropologie catalog-worthy. Based on my current relationship status, this wedding is probably lightyears away. So I’ve got plenty of time to plan.