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pin-spiration: pizza

Pizza is literally the perfect food. Like, if I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be a perfect margherita pizza–like the one I had this past weekend at Barboncino, a trendy spot in my new neighborhood. It makes sense, since cheese and bread are two of my favorite foods…throw a little spicy tomato sauce and basil into the mix and I’m incredibly content.

all photos sourced from pinterest.

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what to do in NYC when it’s 96 degrees

The past few days have been brutal here in New York, especially in my un-air conditioned apartment. Taking the subway to work in 90+ degree weather = arriving at my office with my make-up melted off and frizzy hair. Even just sitting still in my apartment is sweat-inducing, so here are six great (?) things to do in NYC when it’s too hot to move.


1. Sit in Starbucks for three hours “working.”

2. Eat ice cream.

3. Make new playlists on Spotify.


4. Go to the movies.

5. Spend $100 at H&M online.


6. Try to hang out with someone who has AC.


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Something that made me truly fall in love with Brooklyn was my first visit to Brooklyn Flea, a market every weekend in Fort Greene and Williamsburg. I immediately loved this less-glamorized borough of NYC; especially in these two neighborhoods, there is an influx of young people, unique shops, and independent eateries, and it is overall much quieter than Manhattan.


The flea market operates in conjunction with Smorgasbord, a small food festival, so there are numerous places offering food you never even dreamed of. On my most recent trip, I tried asiadog, a stand that serves varieties of hot dogs with various Asian-inspired toppings. Summertime always brings out a craving for hot dogs, something not easily fulfilled since I no longer eat meat. Thankfully, they had a veggie dog offering, and I elected to have it served with mango salsa, Sriracha, and crushed peanuts. I kid you not, I was dreaming about that hot dog all day.


Brooklyn Flea attracts an interesting crowd of people; small children run around eating organic popsicles, artists sell their goods, and people with money to burn look for one-of-a-kind decor. I can’t really afford anything besides snacks on a college student budget, but I love strolling through the stalls and browsing the offerings.