pin-spiration: bathroom bliss


After living in dormitories and New York City apartments for the last 5+ years, I can’t wait for the day when I have a bathroom that nobody uses other than myself. I’m a big fan of white tile, colorful wallpaper, and natural elements – though my main requirement for my future bathroom is a large tub.

From whimsical walls to modern finishes, here are some images I’ve saved on Pinterest.


pin-spiration: design


I love interiors – and exteriors, actually. I’m obsessed with HGTV, and one of my most pinned-to boards on Pinterest is “casa,” which holds all of the home inspiration for my one-day house.

Last year, I decided to add a new board totally devoted to all things design. Sitting at a desk all day has caused me to spend more of my free time on creative pursuits, whether it’s actually putting an outfit together in the morning other than jeans and a t-shirt, or taking advantage of pay-what-you-wish museum days (I’ve recently gone to the Guggenheim and the Neue Galerie!).

So, this post is dedicated to striking design: beautiful millennial pink chairs, bold typeface, bright patterns, and an ombré staircase. It’s a feast for the eyes!


pin-spiration: outdoor living

I’ve always dreamed of having a Secret Garden-style backyard. Victorian details, Roman columns, lots of greenery, quaint benches…you get it, right? Something about having a tranquil escape just a few steps from my house (pardon, my studio apartment) seems so freaking appealing.

As I continue to live in cramped quarters here in NYC, I’ll be dreaming about outdoor spaces like these. *heart eyes*

All photos sourced from Pinterest.

pin-spiration: kitchen goals

As a self-proclaimed “foodie,” I love to cook almost as much as I love to eat and Instagram my favorite dishes. My childhood homes always had generously-sized kitchens–my mother is a wonderful cook, and prepared dinner for my family every night, so the kitchen was an integral room in the house.

I haven’t been so lucky in any of my apartments in terms of counter space and top-notch appliances. My college apartments lacked counter space, taking all the fun out of food prep, and the kitchen in my new apartment is so teeny that I haven’t even attempted to cook anything other than grilled cheese sandwiches and eggs. Apartment hunting in New York is kind of a nightmare, and I’m pretty realistic about never having a kitchen larger than a closet as long as I’m living here. In the meantime, I’ll be dreaming about spaces like these.

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pinspiration: my style

Pinterest is the best for fake shopping. Like, pinning stuff to your style boards is kind of like filling up an online shopping cart but you don’t have to buy anything.

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pin-spiration: bar carts

For this week’s pin-spiration, I thought I’d share some inspiring pics of my favorite piece of furniture: bar carts! This was one of the first things I bought for my apartment (priorities, am I right?), and has turned out to be a great storage solution in my teeny apartment. In addition to liquor, my bar cart houses all of my glassware and cocktail necessities. Here are some of my favorite styled carts from Pinterest.

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pin-spiration: phone wallpaper

For this week’s pin-spiration post, I thought I would give something to my lovely readers! So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite patterns & pictures from Pinterest that make amazing phone wallpapers (I’ve had almost all of these as my background at one point or another).

1. This peachy pineapple print will transport you to Palm Beach (or whatever tropical place you dream about in your cubicle).26e7ad098c9e28e78f97058fbbd41c4c

2. Alternating pastel & gold stripes that are perfect for springtime. And is it just me or would this pattern make a perfect Easter brunch tablecloth?


3. This Great Gatsby-inspired art deco mosaic.


4. Pop-art figs to satisfy your inner foodie. Even if you’ve never eaten a fresh fig, these illustrations are super juicy.


5. This bold giraffe-print is perfect for anyone who loves bright colors & shops at J.Crew.


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