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things that are still good about america

I read this piece on Man Repeller last summer, and was inspired to do my own version in honor of Independence Day 2018…especially since it’s getting increasingly harder to love America.


Don’t get me wrong, I love a frosty Heineken…but there’s something about cracking open a tallboy of PBR or Narragansett that feels so freakin’ American.


National parks.

I spent A LOT of my time growing up going on family vacations to America’s national parks. Places like the Grand Canyon and Arches National Park are great reminders of how unique the USA is, and they make me feel lucky to live here.

grand canyon.gif


I think this quote sums it up.

“It was my 2nd week in America and I was nervous when I was checking out 4 books at the local public library. I love libraries and where I come from you can normally checkout 3 books. I thought this being America I could try my luck and add another book. The nice checkout girl proceeded my order, out of curiosity I asked her how many books could I checkout in one go. Her answer: 75. This to me symbolized what America stood for.”

Planned Parenthood.

It’s pretty cool to me that even if you don’t have health insurance or any money you can go to PP for everything from a routine physical to a pregnancy test. I think it’s still pretty crazy that it’s 2018 and people are unable to afford basic medical care, so I’m glad that organizations like Planned Parenthood provide literally any health service a woman would need. P.S. Did you know that men are welcome, too?


State slogans.

Idk about you, but I think it’s pretty cute that every state in America has their own thing going on. I especially enjoy the state slogans on license plates. Like Florida, the “Sunshine State.” Wyoming, “Forever West.” Montana, “Big Sky Country.” Something that’s really great about the US of A is that different parts of the country are SO different, whether in terms of climate, terrain, language, or cuisine. Frozen custard? Give it to me in Wisconsin or not at all. King crab? Not Alaskan, not going in my belly.

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pin-spiration: wanderlust

In the style of last week’s post, today I’m sharing some of my favorite Pinterest finds. I’m always inspired by all of the beautiful travel pins on Pinterest, so I’ve rounded up some photos of places I have been dying to go. It took forever to decide on just a couple of pictures, and my “Wanderlust” board has more pins than any of the other ones. What are some places on your bucket list?

1. Jaipur; India.

I’m pretty sure these are hotels, but I am in love with the colors and details of these buildings. I would absolutely love to go to India

2. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park; Hunan Province, China.

I’m absolutely obsessed with visiting this park. Ever since seeing Avatar for the first time (and being obsessed with it ever since), I was totally inspired by the “Hallelujah Mountains” and am dying to go. I’ve never been to China, or even Asia, so it’d be a great trip.


3. The Blue Lagoon; Iceland.

This would just make a super cool Instagram to be honest. And Iceland in general seems like a pretty amazing place to spend a long weekend.


4. Antelope Canyon; Arizona.

It’s kind of ridiculous that I haven’t been here considering the amount of national parks I’ve visited on family vacations, but I am DYING to go to Antelope Canyon.


5. Angkor Wat; Cambodia.

Again, just crazy beautiful…I think the next major trip I take will have to be a trip to Asia. Thailand is pretty high on my bucket list, too.


6. Sacred Grove of Bomarzo; Viterbo, Italy.

This literally looks like something out of a fairytale, and since the only time I’ve traveled to Italy was when I was 11, I’m longing to return.56630dfdbd5b171bc9ae31c842f6e235.jpg