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anatomy of a finance douche

NYC is home to a specific breed of a (not so) gentleman I like to call the “finance douche.” Thanks to Wall Street and all of the major banks that call New York home, there are an incredible amount of guys who work “in finance” doing something that makes a ridiculous amount of money without needing to be especially smart. Here’s what makes them tick.

1. They (obviously) studied Finance in college.Or maybe Econ if they couldn’t get into the business program. Probably a private university in the Northeast, maybe Georgetown or UVA.

andy cornell

2. Interned at Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan. AKA fucked around for a summer on someone else’s dime.


3. Lives in Murray Hill, FiDI or the Upper East Side with at least two of his college buddies. The rest live in a 4-block radius. They still play beer pong on Sunday afternoons.

gossip girl

4. Their favorite topic of conversations are a) drunk frat shenanigans; b) Microsoft Excel; c) their alcoholic boss.


5. Totes an Amex that has an annual fee higher than your rent.

tom money

6. Studied abroad in Dublin or London and doesn’t remember any of it.


7. Wears Chubbies in a non-ironic way.

frat guys

8. Smokes occasional cigarettes in an ironic way.

don draper smoking

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a summary of the college experience by parks & rec

Two weeks from today, I’m graduating. I’ll walk across the steps of Keating Hall, accept my diploma, and probably be combo laughing/crying for the entire day. I feel like I’ve been super annoying and dramatic about my upcoming graduation in several recent posts, but this is, like, a big deal. Four years ago when I put my deposit in at Fordham, I had no idea what to expect (OK, I kind of expected that I was going to meet my future husband but whatever).

As an incoming freshman, I had a couple of things on my college bucket list. I knew I wanted to study abroad. I knew I wanted to party. I knew I wanted to get a crazy impressive internship. There were also things I knew I should do. I wrote for the school paper, made friendships with professors, and (almost) never skipped class. I am extremely proud of my education, as well as everything I’ve accomplished in the past four years. I wanted to share some moments from the past four years that have been significant in some way.

P.S. If you’re a prospective employer and you’re reading this, please hire me.

1. The first day at my first-ever internship.


2. Introducing yourself to 325798347548 people during orientation.


3. The first time I went out drinking.


4. Going clubbing in NYC for the first time.


5. When I finally got my priorities straight (Pizza = bae).


6. The first and last time I pulled an all-nighter.


…and didn’t even get an A.


But in the end…I wouldn’t change a thing.


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when you are totally 10000% done with college

Lately, I’ve just been super over Fordham. I know I’ve written a number of nostalgic posts about finishing my final semester here, but as graduation gets closer, I’m finally feeling ready to just be done with everything.


Thanks to my work schedule, I wake up at 8am everyday, so I insist on being in bed by midnight (if you had told my freshman self this is where I’d be at 22, I don’t think she would’ve believed you).


As a result, my social life has definitely been dwindling, and I really haven’t cared too much. It’s kind of refreshing to have a schedule and responsibilities.


While I’m not super thrilled to be working for the rest of my life, I’m definitely ready for the exciting things to come in the next few years.


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when you’ve been single for your entire life

This is how I feel all the time. #Relatable









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stages of going out when you’re a senior in college

College. A time to wreak havoc on your liver, eat way too much pizza, and make lifelong friends and memories. I remember being a freshman and being WAY too excited to go to a real college party. I never partied in high school, and couldn’t wait to start having fun. While I’ve had the benefit of both the close-knit party scene near campus and the top notch nightlife of NYC at my fingertips, it still gets old. A girl can only drink so much Coors Light.

Stage 1. Coming to terms with how tired you are.

For me, 25 hour work weeks (combined internship and work study) + taking 18 credits as a full time student is exhausting. I barely have time to go to the gym, let alone pound the vodka crans.


Stage 2. Deciding whether or not you should rally.

You gotta put some feelers out and see if spending half an hour on your make up will even be worth it.


Stage 3. Taking a hard look at yourself in the mirror.

“Spice up your f***** life,” you say while you evaluate your strong points.


Stage 4. Making your first drink.

I usually start with a glass of wine. Or three.


Stage 5. Putting your game face on.

Apply make up, straighten hair, put on push-up bra, take selfie.


Stage 6. Waiting in line to get into the bar/drinks

Oh, yeah. This is why I don’t go out anymore.

Stage 7. Realizing your flirting techniques haven’t improved AT ALL in the last four years.

See you in Chem lab tomorrow! *Face palm*


Stage 8. Thinking your 21 year old self can handle liquor than your 18 year old self.


Stage 9. PIZZA.

Drunk eating > drunk anything else.


Stage 10. Going home.

Because there is no better feeling than taking your heels off and crashing. Happy hangover!