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pin-spration: wedding decor

If you follow me on Pinterest, it’s no secret that I’ve been planning my wedding since 2009 (like every other basic bitch, let’s be real). My “i do” board is literally my pride and joy–it’s full of everything from pretty place settings to engagement rings I’ll only get if a billionaire falls in love with me. I always say that I want my wedding to be the party of the year…plenty of confetti, lots of champagne, and rustic details that will make it Anthropologie catalog-worthy. Based on my current relationship status, this wedding is probably lightyears away. So I’ve got plenty of time to plan.

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pin-spiration: (champagne) poppin’ party

Happy pinspiration Wednesday! This week I’m sharing some of my favorite party-themed pins. Photo backdrops, sequins, and champagne are definitely all #majorkeys to throwing a memorable fete. If you’re throwing a dinner party, definitely save that place-setting guide for future reference. And heart-shaped balloons are totally appropriate for any party, not just Valentine’s Day. What are your fail-proof party planning tips? I’m always looking for advice for when I finally get the opportunity¬†to make a champagne tower.

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pin-spiration: NYC

There are so many gorgeous NYC photos on Pinterest! I always¬†pin them as a sort of bucket list of things to do…and then forget to do them. I’m forever¬†on the hunt for amazing views, and the skyline never fails to make me weak at the knees. Enjoy some of my favorite images!

1. Drinks with a view. When the weather gets a little warmer, I’ll definitely be indulging in rooftop drinks at the Met.


2. Puddle reflections. A reminder to take a moment and look up & down.


3. Central Park views. Vistas like this still make my heart skip a beat…talk about prime real estate.


4. Welcome to New York. Every time I fly in to or out of the city, I pray a view like this will happen. I book a window seat every time, and have never gotten lucky.


5. The real city of light. Love this golden shot from the space station.


All photos from Pinterest.

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pin-spiration: easter brunch

I can’t believe Easter is this Sunday! Like Thanksgiving, this is one of my favorite holidays because it’s mostly food-based. No buying or wrapping gifts, just spending the day with your family and eating chocolate. For this week’s pin-spiration installment, I thought I’d share some¬†of my favorite brunch pins. Easter Sunday is the most brunch-able day of the year, so you’d better be indulging!

1. This tasty (and healthy!) egg white frittata. How festive are all those fresh greens?!


2. Having a crowd? Set up a mimosa bar so people can pour their own bubbly. Put out fresh fruit & different juices for custom cocktails!


3. Serve these Brown Butter Bruleed Doughnut Holes while they’re still hot! Get the recipe from Joy the Baker.


4. This handy template for setting an informal table is perfect for brunch.


5. Every brunch (especially an Easter brunch!) should have plenty of beautiful, springtime flowers. Tulips & hydrangeas are my favorites!

Happy Easter, everyone!


no ragrets

Stress. Not something I’m skilled at handling, and something I avoid at all costs. I meditate daily, eat well, and try not to procrastinate to avoid stressful situations, but this semester of college has been the most trying so far. I was toying with the idea of changing my career path at the beginning of the semester, a decision that has proven detrimental to both my GPA and mental health.

The only time in my life I was super stressed out was my senior year of high school, when I was dealing with college applications and receiving admission decisions–a nerve-wracking process for anyone. And yes, my first two years of college were challenging, but manageable; even in courses I didn’t enjoy, I managed to get a decent grade without¬†pulling all-nighters and/or ingesting large amounts of caffeine.

I have never been a particularly studious or devoted student. I love learning, but am not a fan of routine. Never have been, probably never will be. My life does not revolve 100% around school (sorry, mom and dad), and until this semester I had been able to balance things pretty well. Of course, I do my homework on time and go to class, but I also go to the gym, go to brunch, go to clubs, go on dates….because these are components of having a life.¬†

The college experience I desire does not contain panicked, 3am phone calls to my mother, getting a new pimple because I’m so stressed out, or feeling guilty for going out with friends instead of studying. College is about the transition from youth to adulthood, and there is nothing I would regret more than spending these¬†sacred four years doing nothing but studying-especially since¬†I get to spend them in the greatest city in the world.

More coffee, please.

More coffee, please.