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in 2018 i resolve to…

It’s January 4, but oh, well. Better late than never! Last year, I resolved that in 2017 I would date myself, get my finances in order, and stop caring about boys. And I actually think I did pretty well – considering that 2017 was the most challenging year of my life, career- and relationship-wise.

I spent a lot of time alone in 2017, swallowed up by NYC, checking off items on my bucket list whether I had a friend or date to come with me or not. I set up traditional and Roth IRAs (adult AF), overcame my fear of getting a flu shot, and ended unfulfilling relationships. Though it was a difficult year, it ended on a high note, and I’m feeling super optimistic about 2018, political situation aside.

So this year, here’s what I’ve resolved to do, using Lady Bird gifs to illustrate. Did anyone see the movie? What did you think?!


More on this here. By a happy accident I got a new and improved mattress a few days ago, so maybe that will help my ongoing quest for higher quality sleep.



I have a little trip booked to Savannah next month, and would love to check off at least one other destination on my bucket list this year. Maybe Iceland, Portland (Oregon), or New Orleans.

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Would love your suggestions! On my list are BossypantsA Little Life, and All the Light We Cannot See.



nyc is my boyfriend is so special to me. I have put so much time and energy into this blog, and feel that I’ve created a brand/image that is essentially my soul on a webpage. I’m so grateful to anyone who reads my posts, and want to create more original content for you guys in 2018.


Happy healthy new year to you all ❤

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another year, another 3 resolutions

Well…2016 is finally coming to an end. I think a lot of people have mixed feelings about this past year–for me, it was definitely a rollercoaster. SO much has changed in the last twelve months. I graduated from college, got a 9-5 job, and moved twice. It’s kind of crazy how unprepared I felt for it all, and how many added responsibilities I now have.

2016 coming to an end has me thinking about where I’ll be this time next year. There are still a lot of things I want to do, like get a Master’s degree and live abroad (maybe I can combine these two…), so who knows if either of those will become a reality over the next twelve months.

This time of year is always overwhelming, between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s eve, and my birthday (it’s a busy two months!), but I wanted to take time to make a list of my resolutions for 2017.


1. Have dates with myself. I’ve found myself wistfully scrolling through Instagram and seeing cool gallery exhibits, pop-up eateries, and outdoor installations, yet never actually go to these things–even though tons of them are right here in NYC! I want to make more of an effort to actually go to these kinds of things, even if I can’t find someone else who wants to tag along.

2. Get my finances in order. I started working on this a few months ago when I realized that I have to pay taxes (yay, freelancing!). But I definitely want to get my expenses in order so I can invest and save the rest.

3. STOP CARING ABOUT BOYS! I literally sound like a broken record but I am so sick of spending time and energy on dead-end relationships. I promise to work on this so I can stop whining about it…


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i’m not sorry

I’ve recently noticed a lot of Internet literature (like this and this) regarding the habit of over-apologizing that plagues millennial women. I’d always thought that in addition to being used for a formal apology, saying “sorry” was just a polite thing to do, even if you haven’t done anything wrong.


I say sorry when I feel like I’m bothering my boss too much via email, when I really just want to make sure I’m doing things correctly. I say sorry when I ask the cashier to pack my groceries in a reusable shopping bag. I say sorry when a waiter brings me a regular Coke instead of diet, even though I know I ordered correctly. In reality, I shouldn’t be sorry for any of these things–my existence and my preferences aren’t an inconvenience.

“I think along with ‘I’m sorry’ comes the fluttering eyes and bad posture and maybe the raised shoulder as if to protect yourself from what’s coming. I’m asking women to own up to that, to stop saying they’re sorry, and to stand up straight and to look at people in the eye and be cool! Just be cool with yourself.” -Mika Brzezinski

I recently resolved to reduce the amount of airtime I give the word “sorry.” It’s been a difficult task–I usually don’t even realize when I say it, so I made sure to consciously avoid apologizing (unless, of course, I was in the wrong). Someone knocks on the bathroom door while you’re using it? There’s no need to apologize for occupying it. Don’t want to get drinks with a guy who keeps badgering you? You shouldn’t be sorry for not wanting to waste your time.

Here are some more things to stop apologizing for:

  1. Asking someone to clarify something.
  2. Someone else’s mistake…it’s not your fault if the barista at Starbucks gives you whole milk instead of skim, even if she makes it seem like it’s a major inconvenience.
  3.  Declining an invitation somewhere. Say “no, thank you” instead.
  4. Leaving work early or calling out sick (as long as you’re actually sick).
  5. Not knowing the answer to something.
  6. Asking someone to move over on the train so they only take up one seat instead of two, so you can sit down.

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top 15 of ’15

Since I’m ending this year on such a happy note, I thought I would share my favorite moments from 2015. Happy new year!

1. 21

I actually turned 21 about a week after landing in Amsterdam, where the drinking age is 16. A visit from some of my best friends + Amsterdam nightlife made it a birthday I will never forget.



Four months abroad + eight countries + two continents + empty bank account = still suffering from wanderlust.


There is no way to describe how much this place means to me…while I will always and forever love NYC, Amsterdam has a special place in my heart. I grew so much here and can’t wait to go back.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


My parents coming to visit in Amsterdam was so much fun, and together we also went to Brussels, Berlin, Rotterdam and some other cities in the Netherlands. I loved showing them around (and finally getting to eat something besides ramen).


Special shout out to my amazing mother for helping me move. Carrying furniture up multiple flights of stairs required blood, sweat, tears, and sangria. Cheers to adulthood!


Everything from senior nights, taking (mostly) classes I’m interested in, and a new work-study job have made this school year one of the best.

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An internship where the opportunities were endless. Check out my work.


This is definitely a direct result of Delish…my childhood dream job was to be a chef, and working at a food site rekindled that joy. Few things make me happier than creating something delicious & sharing it with people.

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Two of my Fordham friends stayed with my family during Thanksgiving break, and it was so much fun showing them around Newburyport. And getting to spend one of my favorite holidays with all of my favorite people.


In general, I feel super lucky to live in NYC. And I feel even luckier around the holidays. Around Thanksgiving, the city is decked out in twinkly lights, office buildings show off enormous Christmas trees, and magic is in the air.



I’ve already begun my internship for next semester here, and will be working four days a week once break is over. Hard work pays off.

12. DAD

My dad needed open heart surgery, and had the operation shortly after I left for Amsterdam. It was hard to be so far away while he was recovering, but he is healthier than ever and I’m so grateful.


My close friends know that I am a shameless Pitbull fangirl. I’ve been trying to see him in concert since high school, and one of my friends won tickets to see him perform at a Microsoft event. #Blessed.


Though summer ’15 was pretty uneventful, I got to spend it with some of my high school friends, and finally being 21 was a huge plus. Going to townie bars was pretty priceless, and I was able to bulk up my post-abroad checking account.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


I decided to finally make an effort and apply for a columnist position at Fordham’s newspaper. I’ve had so much fun being their food writer and can’t wait to continue next semester!


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new year, same me

On paper, I should love New Year’s Eve. Champagne, sparkly dresses, staying up late? Check, check, and check. But I think I’m too nostalgic of a person to genuinely enjoy the coming of another year. Until this year, it would make me sad to look back and realize how little things have changed. Maybe that’s why this is a major drinking holiday

This year I feel a little differently. 2015 has been the happiest year of my life overall, and I hope the pattern continues into 2016. In 2015, I spent a semester abroad in the most beautiful city, visited eight countries, landed the internship of my dreams, and began focusing more on making myself happy (my ’15 resolution).


Many of my NYE resolutions in the past had been about finding love and being in a relationship, along with the generic ones like losing five pounds, stop spending so much money, etc. So last year, I decided to focus on being my happiest self, and eliminate anything that I deemed toxic and unhealthy.

Moving to Europe for four months was a start, and getting back on track with my Communications major was a great next step. I became more independent and stopped being afraid to do things by myself. I applied for dozens of internships until I got the perfect one, and as a result countless doors have opened for me. As 2016 quickly approaches, my only resolution is to keep doing me.


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about my relationship

When I began writing this blog, I had a lot of intentions. I am a writer at heart, and with a full class schedule and endless homework, I often forget to take time to write creatively and expressively. I have loved New York for my whole life, taking weekend trips to the city with my family when I was younger, and dragging my mom on tours at (what felt like) every college in the five boroughs. 

I created New York is My Boyfriend to combine my passion for writing with my endless love for this beautiful city. I give thanks everyday that I have the opportunity to get an incredible education in a city that gives me enormous happiness. My resolution this year was to focus on finding inner joy and acceptance. Like almost any other young adult female, I spend way too much time getting dressed, putting on make up, and trying to find the perfect guy. Instead, I have resolved to focus more on schoolwork, make more time for things I love, maintain friendships, and become the best person I can.

With a lot of inspiration from my old friend Carrie Bradshaw, I decided that the best way for me to find happiness was to fully embrace my love affair with New York. In my favorite episode, she remarks that “New York is the perfect place to be single. The city is your date….18 years, it’s getting serious. I think I’m in love.”