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anatomy of a finance douche

NYC is home to a specific breed of a (not so) gentleman I like to call the “finance douche.” Thanks to Wall Street and all of the major banks that call New York home, there are an incredible amount of guys who work “in finance” doing something that makes a ridiculous amount of money without needing to be especially smart. Here’s what makes them tick.

1. They (obviously) studied Finance in college.Or maybe Econ if they couldn’t get into the business program. Probably a private university in the Northeast, maybe Georgetown or UVA.

andy cornell

2. Interned at Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan. AKA fucked around for a summer on someone else’s dime.


3. Lives in Murray Hill, FiDI or the Upper East Side with at least two of his college buddies. The rest live in a 4-block radius. They still play beer pong on Sunday afternoons.

gossip girl

4. Their favorite topic of conversations are a) drunk frat shenanigans; b) Microsoft Excel; c) their alcoholic boss.


5. Totes an Amex that has an annual fee higher than your rent.

tom money

6. Studied abroad in Dublin or London and doesn’t remember any of it.


7. Wears Chubbies in a non-ironic way.

frat guys

8. Smokes occasional cigarettes in an ironic way.

don draper smoking

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the latest

sugar rush

So I’m pretty obsessed with food. I love making it, taking pictures of it, and eating it. I write for a food website, as well as a food column for my school paper, and I’ve decided to share a list I created of the best & most famous desserts in NYC. 

Serendipity 3

Frozen hot chocolate sounds like a contradiction, but after taking a sip of this magical concoction, nothing will seem out of place. The appropriately named “Frrrozen Hot Chocolate” is essentially a frosty chocolate milkshake topped with an insane amount of whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Share this massive dessert with a friend (or two) in the charming Upper East Side cafe. The whimsical decorations of Serendipity 3 remind me of a Friends-era NYC coffee shop, but you won’t be able to get a table without a reservation. They have a crazy long menu of savory and sweet eats, but stick with this classic drink—unless you’re willing to splurge for the $1,000, record-breaking Golden Opulence Sundae. 

Levain Bakery

If you think your mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the world, you’re in for a wake up call. Chocolate chip cookies are one of the most perfect foods—crispy on the outside, soft and melty on the inside, and perfect with a glass of cold milk. Levain Bakery has taken this classic after school snack to the next level. The large cookies look more like scones, nearly an inch thick, and are deliciously gooey on the inside. Like, the chocolate is going to get all over your face. At $4 a pop, I can definitively say that these are worth every penny.

my favorite kind of intern duty 🍪 #levain #vscocam

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Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery is kind of a two-for-one. We began obsessing over their cupcakes thanks to Carrie Bradshaw, but the adorable retro-style bakery has way more to offer. Read: banana pudding. I’m someone who hates bananas, but am obsessed with Magnolia’s banana pudding. It’s a super generous portion of light, fluffy bananas and Nilla Wafers…so you can save some for the next day or pretend it’s a meal. Their cupcakes are also decent, but stick with classic flavors like red velvet or black and white. Their Bleecker Street location is open until 12:30am on the weekends, so it’s the perfect place to grab a late night snack.

Dominique Ansel

If you’re someone who thinks the Cronut is overrated, you probably haven’t had one from Dominique Ansel’s bakery. Layers and layers of fresh pastry are revealed after you take the first bite, and a new flavor each month keeps newbies and Cronut veterans coming back. Each pastry is rolled in sugar, filled with cream, and topped with a special glaze. According to Mr. Ansel, the entire Cronut process can take up to three days depending on the complexity of the flavor. At $5 each, these seem like a bargain. P.S. December’s flavor is Gingerbread Valrhona Milk Chocolate and Pear, with cinnamon sugar and speculoos cookie.



There is perhaps no dessert more iconic than classic New York cheesecake. The indulgent, creamy treat is done best at Eileen’s, a bakery that’s overshadowed by more well-known Junior’s. Cheesecake is a relatively simple dessert (my mother’s no-fail recipe has only four ingredients), but it’s very easy to overcook or undercook, resulting in soggy crust or dried-out and crumbly filling. Eileen’s Cheesecake is a no-frills bakery in Lolita that has an endless selection of cheesecake flavors—everything from Pina Colada to Peanut Butter—but still, I recommend ordering the original, plain, no-fuss cheesecake. Top it with strawberries if you must, but this dessert shouldn’t need any pomp and circumstance.

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