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things i buy to make myself feel better

The winter blues are R E A L. This time of year, when it’s cold and frosty and icy and snowy and dark and horrible, I turn to retail therapy more than ever to warm my chilly heart. I don’t need an excuse to shop, but if you know me, you know I’ll take one – especially in the name of self-care.


Though I’m pretty loyal to Better Skin Mirakle Cream, I like to dabble in other products. Currently I’ve been rotating through a bunch of moisturizing sheet masks and slathering on Farmacy’s Honeymoon Glow in an attempt to look alive.


Want your apartment to smell like Anthropologie without having to go outside? All it takes is one of these candles, I swear. Something about the combined coziness and superb scent makes winter hurt a little less.

Summer clothes.

Or sandals, swimsuits, sunglasses…you get the idea. Just picture how great everything will look with sunkissed/burned skin and salty hair.

Overpriced coffee.

This isn’t an exclusively winter activity, but whenever I need to take break, I usually treat myself to some sort of flavored nut-milk latte that ends up being $7.


I spent a lot of time being single, and never had a problem buying myself flowers. still don’t.

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what to do if you have the winter blues

I’m not a doctor, but I get especially gloomy as soon as the days get shorter, colder, and darker. I’ve never been diagnosed with SAD, but WebMD says I probably have it. Here’s what I do on particularly blue days.

go somewhere warm.

Tanning bed, sauna, bath tub, hot yoga (currently very into Sculpt at CorePower), or a tropical escape if you can spring for it. Find somewhere you can sweat out all those feelings and forget about your chapped knuckles.

laugh a little.

Yeah, I’ve seen every episode of The Office at least seven times, but I’m not stopping anytime soon. Watch a rom-com, favorite TV show, or stand-up special from the comfort of your cozy bed.

leave the house.

Though I definitely consider myself a homebody, I quickly start to feel cooped up during the winter months. Whether you bundle up and head to the nail salon, a pottery class, the book store, or a restaurant, it always feels great to get dressed and be a person.

make something good.

Winter is the perfect season to spend in the kitchen. From soups to sweets, the oven will warm your kitchen and the food will warm your heart.

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why winter is the worst

If you haven’t heard, a blizzard has arrived in NYC, bringing this winter’s first snow. I am a well-known hater of winter and everything that comes with it–so I made a list to entertain myself while holed up in my apartment.

1. Puffy jackets.

These don’t look good on ANYONE. No matter how cute your outfit is underneath, all that hot guy on the train is gonna see is a waddling puff ball.

xmas story.gif

2. Hats

I’m eagerly awaiting the day I look cute in a hat. (My beloved Primark beanie is the exception.)

3. Skiiers

As someone who never learned to ski, this sport goes way over my head. Like, why are people so into it? Why would you voluntarily be simultaneously sweaty and freezing? Catch me at the ski club bar, mimosa and poutine in hand.


4. Iced coffee

I am a proud, year-round consumer of iced coffee, but drinking it in the winter is the WORST because the cup makes my hands cold. And people stare at you like you have three heads.

iced coffee.gif

5. Mornings

For someone who has never been (and never will be) a morning person, waking up when it’s dark & cold is downright depressing. And the journey from your warm bed to the hot shower has never felt longer.

What are some of the ways you deal with winter in the Northeast?

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stages of winter break

1. Overwhelming joy

Finals are over! Christmas presents! Home cooked meals! No homework! Did I mention that exams are over?

andy dwyer

2. Sleep

Time to catch up on all the sleep you lost pulling those all-nighters studying partying. Hello, 1pm wake ups.


3. Coziness

Home is just cozy. Idk if it’s daily hugs from my mom or snuggling up with Netflix.


4. Boredom

Once you go to lunch with your friends, hit the mall, and take down the Christmas decorations, there’s not much to do.


5. More boredom…

Yep. This is why I went to school in NYC.

6. Mixed feelings

Wanting to go back to school but not wanting the work & stress that comes with a new semester.

amy poehler

7. Excitement

Somehow, you forget about how much work school is, and just wanna be back on campus. Cheers to senior year!

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My semester from hell is finally coming to an end. In less than two weeks, biology labs, late nights in the darkroom, and hours of online homework will cease to exist. The beginning of this semester, I suffered some sort of mental break and decided to change my course of study. When I registered for classes for the fall semester of my junior year, I originally had a schedule packed with journalism and art history classes, but two weeks before summer break ended, I switched my schedule to follow a pre-med track. This misguided decision has caused me to withdraw from one class (a first), found myself in danger of failing another (another first), and faced more stress than I have ever handled.

The silver lining of this semester is the reassurance it has provided that I’m supposed to be a writer. The struggle I have had for the past three months has driven my desire to become a journalist more than ever before. Failure in one field has made me feel like I am actually capable of achieving my dreams.

Better things are ahead, but in the meantime, I will be at my desk until my exams are over, and have stocked my pantry with plenty of coffee and microwavable meals.